Mission's Prospects


One of the primary targets of the Mission is to build an orphanage for girls. For that purpose a land of 80 sq. Km has already been bought in 2006 just outside the city of Antananarivo. The orphanage premises will include: A Church, Surgery, High School (Junior & Senior), Labs.


Also, during 2006 another land was bought in Antananarivo to host the Bishopric premises.


The mission helps poor families, pays the rent and constructs houses for families that live in clay hovels and shacks.


Mission people also visit prisons and help prisoners in any way they can.


During this period 30 Temples are being renovated and equipped. It is an expensive and time consuming work.

Volunteers from Greece, Australia and America support Orthodox mission's efforts. Mission's revenues mainly come from the Church of Greece, Dioceses, Monasteries and donations from associations and individuals from Greece, Australia and America. However, there is still an enormous amount of work to be done. Priests, doctors, nurses, civil engineers and every single volunteer are needed to come in Madagascar and help us in that difficult and laborious work.

So we appeal to your love.