Spiritual Work


At the moment there are 15 priests and 3 deacons. There are new candidates waiting to be consecrated.


A true light are for Madagascar the 40 temples (whilst 3 are under construction) built in distant villages away from the country's capital, thanks to the love of Christians from all over the world.




Many days of travel are required for the priests to move from one village to another. In some cases they are compelled to travel 1.500 Km of harsh road and extreme conditions.




An ecclesiastical school have been established, with a 2-years course for candidate priests.




Every month the Bishop is giving a 3-day seminar for priests.


A 2-months period seminar is taking place every August for all Orthodox catechists in Madagascar.




There are service and other spiritual books already translated to the local language (Malagasy).




Joy in heaven and on earth for our 5000 baptized brothers.







Spiritual preparation for the 300 catechumens, waiting their baptism.





Holly ceremony is performed in the local language (Malagasy).








After baptism, married couples proceed to the marital ceremony. You can really feel the solemnity of prime Christian years in these ceremonies.