Philanthropic Work


"Walking many times through the villages, I see nothing but poverty and misery. Hovels made of mud or clay, no toilets, no water, no electricity. Children covered in dirt and dust wearing rugs. Young children and adults are reaching out asking something we disregard, because it is simple, ordinary and of no value to us, a sugar-candy.


(Ignatios, Bishop of Madagascar)





For many children their breakfast is the first and only meal of the day. Naked, barefoot and tympanized bellies of hunger, many of them are babies barely walking. Every day the number of children asking for breakfast is increasing and can't refuse.








Every morning more than 800 children are having breakfast in the Bishopric premises. They patiently wait their turn for a cup of hot milk and some biscuits.




Every Monday 600 families, carefully selected, come to the Bishopric premises for food. They are poor and exhausted. They walk for many hours or days to get some basic foodstuff absolutely necessary for their survival.


Regularly they are given basic clothing items.


Every year, containers arrive from Greece and Australia full of goods.








The Orthodox mission organizes regular trips to distant villages scattered all over Madagascar, distributing food and clothing. Bags with clothing, food, stationery, shoes and medicines are given to people who need it the most.









Greek Orthodox Church, associations, individuals, from Greece, Australia and America, collect and send us all these items and money motivated from true love and interest.




By the Bishopric premises, we operate a Medical Center, which  includes pathology and eye-clinic, dentist, gynecology clinic and microbiology lab. The latter, although fully equipped is not yet operating.


Every day 40 patients are examined, and free medicines are provided to them from the clinic's pharmacy. The mission covers the hospital treatment fees for patients that need surgical treatment. We schedule for the future to establish and operate clinics to distant villages. Patients here, don't have enough money to pay doctors, medical examinations and medicines. Free provision of all these is a real salvation to them.



One of the mission's greatest concern is the education of the children. For that purpose 8 primary schools have been established and are being maintained whilst more are being build. Most children are poor and can't afford school training. There are areas with no elementary training at all. Building schools is imperative to cover the educational needs of the children and reinforce their Orthodox faith in these areas.





A big nursing home was recently completed next to the Bishop's residence. The nursing home premises include library and also an events room.